Department of Geoinformatics

The GeoSpatial Summer School will be held at Department of Geoinformatics, a department established in 2001 and being a part of Faculty of Science, Palacký University Olomouc. The Department of Geoinformatics guarantees the bachelor study programme Geoinformatics and Geography, the master study programme Geoinformatics and PhD study Geoinformatics – Cartography. It also offers doctoral studies Geoinformatics and Cartography in the English language (in full-time and combined form). The department is situated approximately 15 minutes walk from the city centre, 10 minutes walk from main train station, and using public transportation network reachable from anywhere in Olomoucinto 20 minutes.

There are two fully equipped computer labs, one lecture room, one 3D printing & tech room, and one mapping room available for the participants. A common relax zone and kitchen is available as well.


Olomouc had always been among the most important cities of the Kingdom of Bohemia. With its convenient location, ancient university and spiritual, cultural and craft traditions Olomouc has been for centuries a natural centre of Moravia, attractive to artists, intellectuals and businessmen. Olomouc is the most beautiful Czech town according to world-renowned tourist guide Lonely Planet. The majestic Holy Trinity Column is a remarkable monument and since 2000 it has been a UNESCO World Heritage.

Travel guidebook publisher Lonely Planet has ranked Olomouc among the top 10 European destinations: “Olomouc is one of the Czech Republic’s most under-rated destinations, with a great nightlife scene and a mini-Prague feel.” For centuries, Olomouc was one of the most significant seats of the Czech kingdom, and as the natural centre of Moravia, it attracted leading artists, scholars and merchants. Its distinguished and diverse past has left the city with a superb collection of historical treasures, making Olomouc the second-largest historical monument preservation area in the country after Prague.

Getting to Olomouc

By plane

Olomouc is reached easily from Prague, Vienna or Brno international airports. From Václav Havel Airport Prague (, take a shuttle bus (Airport Express, ticket 100 CZK [4 EUR]) operating from 5.30 am to 10.30 pm. The Other option is to take a taxi to Prague railway station (Praha Hlavní nádraží, approximately 540 CZK [21.3 EUR] per car). There are many direct trains every day from Prague to Olomouc (distance 250km; travel time 2 hours 15 minutes; The Czech Rail company trains (, RegioJet trains (, Leo Express trains ( For train schedule and prices, visit (, average ticket price 220 CZK (8.7 EUR).

Olomouc’s nearest international airport is Brno-Tuřany Airport, 74km from Olomouc (50 minutes by car). If you choose to fly to Vienna International Airport, you can take a direct bus to Olomouc (distance approximately 280km, visit or or travel by train from Vienna train station (for further details visit,,

By car

Olomouc is conveniently accessible by car from Prague (approx. 3h), Vienna (approx. 2h 35min), Poland and Slovakia. When driving on the motorway you will need to pay road tax.

By train

Olomouc is also accessible by train, with access to some high-speed trains. There are three railway companies operating in the Czech Republic: The Czech Rail company trains, Leo Express trains and RegioJet trains. For timetables and detailed information, please refer to


Accomodation – details about the accomodation will be provided upon receiving the registration fee.