Welcome to Olomouc

Geospatial Summer School 2023

26-30 June, 2023

Olomouc, Czechia

GIScience & Gamification

“G3S GIGame 2023” 

The idea of the gamification of a learning process is definitely not new in (higher) education. In the digital era of the contemporary world, the learners could be literally swamped with a huge amount of information and data. It is then needed to help them to orient in such volumes of information. The learning process is easier if it contains playful features. Game-based learning transforms traditional means of higher education classes into innovative, creative learning environments in which all participants (teachers and students) are engaged in either solving real-world problems, or in and educational process.
The G3S GIGame 2023 offers an opportunity for the encounter of students, scholars, and experts in the field of GIScience and, at the same time, interested in gamification, playful learning, serious games, game design and real-life applications of games. The summer school is designed to introduce students keen to learn and experince how GISciences and geodata can be used in or by games. Series of lectures, workshops and practicals will be led and supervised by experts from „game“ domain as well as from GIScience. Moreover, the G3S GIGame 2023 strives to establish an open platform for participants to bring their experiences, ideas, data and projects to share, work, present and discuss it. The GeoSpatial Summer School primary focus is to provide and transfer a modern and new skills, techniques and knowledge in given topic both ways – from experts/scholars to the students, and vice versa. Building on the successful G3Ss organised by the Department of Geoinformatics in the previous years, we gladly continue holding the event in 2023.