Programme – “G3S GIGame 2023”

G3S GIGame 2023 framework

The overall framework of the summer school aims at providing theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and stimulate creative thinking. Therefore, the daily structure will follow 90 minutes slots with this outline:

a) morning (1st slot) – theoretical groundings given by the expert
b) morning (2nd slot) – practices guided by the expert
c) afternoon (3rd and 4th slot) – self-guided practices supervised by the expert

Day-to-day programme and frame topics

Day 1 (Monday, 26 June)Santeri Jaakkola & Vit Paszto – Seppo platform in geography education & gamification of the learning process.

Day 2 (Tuesday, 27 June)Timo Fluitsma – Carbon Pearl, an energy transition game.

Day 3 (Wednesday, 28 June)Jan Piňos – Cities: Skylines and spatial planning.

Day 4 (Thursday, 29 June) – Michał Kłosiński – Game design and utiopias.

Day 5 (Friday, 30 June) – Wrap-up, discussion, closing session & future outlook (midday)