GeoSpatial Summer School 2017

Main aim of the project is to organize GeoSpatial Summer School (G3S), which will (1) provide the latest theoretical knowledge and practical skills in geospatial activities by lectures, practices and projecting; (2) bring researchers, scholars, teachers and students together to share experiences at all levels of higher educational process; and (3) discuss diverse approaches, experiences and points of view on geospatial issues. The summer school motto is – bring your geospatial thinking.

Education of Geoinformatics has a different form on each university. The theoretical background is vital for all students, but advanced practical skills are one of the key requirements that potential employer could have in praxis. Today, it is quite common that graduates are looking for a job abroad. Employers from V4 countries are dealing with similar problems, and their mentality is not very distinct. The logical step (in this sense) is to start sharing knowledge between scholars and students from V4 countries to prepare young people for the labour market. The main target of the project is to establish GeoSpatial Summer School (G3S) platform which will provide and transfer new geosciences skills, techniques and knowledge from scholars/experts to the students. Invited experts from private companies bring another perspective of the requirements which are necessary for good employability. Proposed platform corresponds with cohesion support of V4 countries in higher education. As a consequence, the students from V4 countries (and, therefore, the Central European region) will be more competitive within the countries in EU. Joint educational platform (G3S) opens a wide range of opportunities in geosciences (e.g. GIS, physical geography, human geography) and in other interdisciplinary sciences to be applied and trained. Topics of the G3S cover all necessary parts of geospatial activities – from data capture, through data analyses to visualization. GeoSpatial Summer School encourage participants to bring their experiences, ideas, data and projects to share, work, present and discuss it. GeoSpatial Summer School outputs are to be distributed across the V4 countries to demonstrate current experiences in cross-border cooperation in the field of “geospatial” higher education.

The primary output of the project is the GeoSpatial Summer School. Nevertheless, outputs coming from the project could be summarized as follows: (1) GeoSpatial Summer School itself including lectures, workshops, discussions, presentations (2) GeoSpatial Summer School proceedings (3) website containing e-learning system with educational materials (4) The best practices working paper/report.